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Our Translators


Japanese, English, French, Albanian

I'm an translator with quite a long while of experience, a writer and an enthusiastic foodie. I spend significant time in translations from the fields of new advances, IT, Internet, travel, nourishment, amusement, promoting and publicizing. I have bunches of fulfilled customers to demonstrate my abilities.

Jason Tan

Japanese, English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese

I a Singaporean and considered Spanish because of my love for languages, their analysis, learning and utilizing them. Translations are my activity, yet in addition my enthusiasm. They enable me to continually extend my insight.

Kim Seoyeon

English, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Greek

Making an Translation of writings from and to English isn't just my everyday activity yet in addition my energy. My preferred sorts of writings incorporate the humanities, cooking and new innovations, however I won't disapprove of law, contracts, business, advertising or funds. As I accept steady proficient advancement is key in my activity, I regularly take an interest in on-line and disconnected training for translators.

Li Wen Qing

Chinese, Japanese, French, English, Italian

I’ve been a translator for several years and it is just as much my passion as it is my job. Throughout my career I’ve translated various types of texts, treating each as a challenge and a source of priceless experience. I consider business and legal translations to be my area of expertise.

Zaitul Ahmad

Malay, Japanese, English, Italian, Chinese

Translations are my passion, that's why I am constantly broadening my knowledge of English (I read a lot in this language, learn new words from various areas, have an interest in grammatical structures ). I want my translations to be as good as possible so I always care about their quality and try to do my best.

Sarah Amy

Russian, Japanese, French, English, Italian

I am an American Russian who just came to Japan and joined the team, and I am really excited about being a translator with these enthusiastic team! I love languages and believe that mastering more languages is the most important tool to bring me around the world.